The Folk Crusaders

June 25, 2016


EMI    The Folk Crusaders : Kigen Nisennen (JAP,1968)***°'

(Tr.2, "Kaettekita Yopparai" 4 min) 

(Tr.4, "Dracula.." 3 min, Tr.6, "Oble.." 3 min)

(Tr.11, "Kobu no Nai Naku Na" 4 min, Tr.12, 4 min) 


The group adapted on the first two tracks old folk, with some humour and in a creative way. Second chosen track with distorted voice and psych organ is actually more a psychedelic pop song. The album also has good 60's styled music. A very good album worth checking out if you love 60's psych.


Farside Music : Their one and only official studio-recorded album released when the group consisted of three members: Kazuhiko Kato (vocals, guitar), Osamu Kitayama (vocals, bass) and Norihiko Hashida (vocals, guitar). Their smash hit, "Kaettekita Yopparai (The Return of the Dead Drunkard)" is a comical song with high-pitched vocals by fast-forwarding the tape, and it became the origin of the underground folk movement in Japan (around 1970). "Kanashikute Yarikirenai (Deadly Grief)" is a good song with beautiful, lyrical melody." Noise : "Since The Folk Crusaders.. "Many young people began to learn guitar in the wake of the folk boom, and the group helped to inspire 'new music' underground folk and even the rock scene of the 70s. " 


?    The Folk Crusaders : Focru Daihyakkajiten (JAP,196?)**°°'

(Tr.2, "Kokiriko No Takewa" 3 min, Tr.6, "Nannotameni .." 4 min) 

Airplay given to Tr.10, 5 min


I asume this is a compilation of singles and live recordings. Second chosen track is an orchestrated 60's styled song. Last track has a funny 'Western' touch.



Japan Rec.    The Folk Crusaders : Harenchi (JAP,1967?)*°


All acoustic songs, including several covers of songs, in a certain typical early 60's ethno-country folk style based upon the popularity of their hit. For me they sounded much more interesting on their true and only album.


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