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V.A.: Disco Dildar

Finders Keepers V.A.: Disco Dildar (PAK,2016)***°

I will briefly review and describe this new release, featuring music from the still too shortly lived Lolliwood scene in Pakistan. It comes from the period where disco was a new influence and cheap and more expensive synths were added to the acoustic repertoire, making to a degree the sound more dynamic and colourful. The rhythms are more colourful and emphasized compared to the Bollywood examples. The arrangements have the instrumentation contrasts compact, without being overwhelmed by too much or even without any more full orchestration. The singing style of the female lead singer is comparable (somewhat to Asha Bhosle), with high pitch voice and a certain spatially highlighting effect, we also have responding (one or several) voices. The basics are the synths (moog-like effects and keyboards) and the groovy dance rhythms mixed with some electric guitars too, with funky effect. The 5th track has a more James Bond-like brass intro, but doesn’t loose itself in it in the rest of the song. The 7th track has some sitar and shaking rhythms. The last few tracks also feature accordion as an important element. Nice one.

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