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V.A.: "Can’t you hear me ?"

Now Again Rec. V.A.: Can’t you hear me ?

–African Nuggets and garage rock from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe- (2017)****

Now Again released this compilation that shows in fact a great deal of how the garage rock sounded like in parts of or some area or let’s say its fuzz garage rock scene of Africa. Of course, the Zamrock reference is a good foundation providing solid songs with fuzz grooves. Its neighbouring scenes could lead its inspirations also to a bit more funky areas. In general this compilation hangs together well, starting with a great groovy electric guitar driven, instrumental of a heavy hard rock song with bluesy undertone from Keith Mlevhu. This is followed by some garage hard rock from by Paul Ngozi style, like a mixture of a Black Sabbath song and simple garage rock. This is followed by an Amanaz track ad a Witch track, all of it of which has been reissued before, also by the same label. Witch shows a simple rocker track, with some nice fuzz guitar solos. Peace, shows another rocker with a somewhat bluesy / Rolling Stones-like reference, another Zamrock band. Its two tracks are repetitive bluesy rockers. The Chris Zebby Tempo track shows a fuzz-driven primitive song with great sound of distorted guitar grooving its lead guitar rhythms. Not yet reissued is Blackfoot, from which is listed a simple song with larger part in which is taken time for an electric garage groove instrumental part. The band 5 revolutions shows some organ too. This is a Zambian funky & bluesy garage psych instrumental. Eye Q, also not released before has listed a funky repetitive track. The next track by Witch is a garage rocker with nice harmony vocals effect on its solo voice. Born Free is a more funky rock instrumental. Also listed and reissued before is a track by the Funkees from Nigeria with a funky groovy psychtrack. The Founders 15 is another Nigerian band. It is also more funky and it features some saxes too. Well’s Fargo from Zimbabwe knows a full release too by the label (reviewed elsewhere). After another 5 Revolutions track, repetitive funky garage, the compilation ends more powerfully with a last Witch track, n repetitive garage style. A successful compilation.

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