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V.A.: Welcome to Zamrock vol.1 & 2

Now-Again Records V.A.: Zamrock vol. 1-2 (ZAM,re.2017)****°

It is amazing that a book with 2 CDs like this could be realised knowing how few records survived from these high days and highlights of African Rock music history. The two books have exactly the same story with only differences in added photographs and of course music collection, both of which albums still are highly essential. I still remember how people would consider you as crazy if you would speak of psychrock from Africa for it was thought to be non-existent. Not long after the discovery of some Zambian rock tracks, this luckily quickly changed the look upon things. Myself, I love this slightly heavier rock scene more than anything of comparable nature for its rawness, nice production, directness, smoothness, grooviness, good songs, nice fuzz guitars and much more giving it a unique and attractive style. Many albums found already a reissue but some others still are generally unknown. This compilation gives a glimpse on all and show how much more there’s to dig. Not only Nigeria had its scene, Zambia’s heritage surely is equally interesting. The general history introduction in the book gives a rather complete picture of how it scene came to existence and how and why and how it disappeared. Also included are biographies of each band.

Highly essential releases compiled with true passion and dedication.

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