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Wells Fargo

Now Again Wells Fargo: Watch Out ! -LP/book + CD-

This is a great and convincing, straightforwardly recorded, here and there somewhat more funky approach but generally a moody-and-sightly-heavy rock album with harmony lead vocals arrangements and strong song approach.

Included is a 72-page book about the record and background history, also about the political climate around Zambia/Rhodesia mostly, and about the band’s history and influences (mentioning an early jimi Hendrix influence for instance, while the band takes it often more relaxed mode than such an ambitious musical approach, its rock approach still is groovy enough for making them belong to the psychrock era too). The notes also tell us of a rock scene of Woodstock proportions, but also of some troubles during performances including mass beatings by the police. It convinces us about the band’s importance too, while showing also its struggles within an at times fragile political climate, getting its black sound heard and fully accepted, also as a sound of liberation.

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