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Oumar (Konaté)

Clermont Music Oumar Konaté : Live in America (2017)**

Oumar Konaté embraces a widened scope of podium rock improvisation that is captured in this studio album, which reflects aspects that you can expect during concerts. The effect, without public or occasional energy might misses something of that connection, still is able to show what elements they have of use. Certain old school improvisation techniques of blues and rock are used of which the electric guitar especially shows talent, without going too deep in it even when the capacity of becoming more creative that that is potentially there. The bass and drum to it could give this a power rock aspect, but in general the accompanying musicians do not share any ambitions to take it further from the obvious, which leaves less occasions to really show off. Because no lyrics are included and none of the songs are in English, I think sadly we miss something of the essence of some of the last more desert blues alike tracks especially, that are more song-focused, with relaxed picking guitar. I guess still have to see where it really gets us live. Clearly the live thing is what this music seems to be about.

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