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V.A.: Hong Kong Score

Wan Chai Records Various ‎– Hong Kong Score (2018) LP/CD ****°

The first songs are with lots of surf guitars songs. Further few tracks are with more relaxed and not so nervous high voices as usual, but instead with a groovy, moody and swinging mode, a great choice of tracks of the era (with additional orchestra, brass & electric guitars, drums). This is followed by one brilliant instrumental (track 5) with a Chinese melody in western pop fusion. Johnny Guitar's track is another great instrumental composition. And also Li Tai-Hsiang is a great guitar led instrument with additional arrangements. A bit more lush and rather erotic track with full scope orchestra and singers is brought by the New Wave Orchestra which features a funky orgastic ending with moaning girl, before concluding with an aftermath beach romance orchestral ending. "Lonely Heart" is another smooth exotic instrumental led by different coloured keyboards and echoing percussion.

The songs all come from music of the Chinese's Cinema (Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan). Highly recommended and compiled with a highly taste for music. The best starter if not must-have I have heard so far that succeeds 100% in digging into this far East musical world.

A1–姚蘇蓉, Yao Su Rong臉兒紅, 心兒笑, Face Red, Heart Laugh2:55

A2–林竹君, Lena Lim春來人不來, Where Is My Love2:45

A3–李泰祥, Li Tai-Hsiang*紅彩妹妹, Sister Rainbow1:56

A4–鄧麗君, Teresa Teng*海韻(小提琴), Violin2:50

A5–太陽神樂隊, The Apollo回味, Memories3:44

A6–原野三重唱, Yuan Ye San Chong Chang溫暖, Warm3:43

B1–庄启和 赖正宏 陈明正 张启明, Soul Dance Music强尼吉他, Johnny Guitar2:34

B2–李泰祥, Li Tai-Hsiang*牛郎織女, Oriental Lovers2:41

B3–尤雅, You Ya三個約會, Three Appointments2:03

B4–新風樂隊, New Wave Orchestra花月盟, Huayue League2:34

B5–張小英, Chang Siao Ying寂寞的心, Lonely Heart3:07

B6–向井稔 &曾仲影, Xian Jin Ren & Zeng Zhong Ying会津盘梯山, Aizu Bandai-san




#pop #60spop #surf

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