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V.A.: Hong Kong Disco

Wan Chai Records V.A.: Hong Kong Disco (2017) LP/CD


Musically I am not the biggest fan of disco, but I always loved the early disco days and the Motown sound especially on the dance floor, feeling it directly from the vibe, rhythms and also, the uplifting mood. Disco from outside that area hardly succeeds to lift itself above that first American scene. Never the less, this Hong Kong scene clearly had its own pleasure dom, while riding along upon the bandwagon of soul and disco allowing here and there a touch of funk, enjoying it in English language with a warm vibe of pleasure being strong enough for that. It is the soul vibe which dominates here mostly. Like a lot from the Hong Kong/Singapore scene you can hardly notice it is created in the east which for my exotic taste gives it some less interest. It more shows how they rather created their own songs or versions (loving you) as a means to participate the night club vibes locally.

A1–AJL BandThis Is No Horse3:34

A2–The Reflection (4)Take It To The Bossman4:07

A3–Charing CarpioSwearin' To God3:24

A4–Deanie Ip輕輕嘆3:07

A5–Tracy HuangHurt So Bad3:10

B1–Julie Sue (2)Day Dreaming3:11

B2–Oscar & His OrchestraMake Me Believe In You5:00

B3–The New TopnotesGotta Be The One3:15

B4–Louie Castro (3)You're The Love3:15

B5–Rita KwongLovin' You3:40

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