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-broadcast : 2006-6-24 : 'essential tracks from the Acid Folk scene' -




I decided to check out some of the Japanese obscurities coming forth from the Japanese folkboom which happened in the early '70's. I could do this with some help from someone in Japan. I'm not sure how much this partial selection really is presentable for what happened. I guess it gives at least some idea of what happened. Some albums, especially all the live ones are rather uninteresting except for some tracks. It seems that too much of these concerts made it onto cd which show rather simple and primitive folk with just guitar and voice. For not understanding Japanese there's too little to offer of musical creativity. Also the so called western typed folk showed in this area of folk evolving to newrock little surprises. The label specialized in this folk boom, 'URC' luckily recorded a few masterpieces, many enjoyable tracks and a couple great LP's, while the label Polydor in the beginning seemed to focus on the progressive side too. A group that stood for this evolution from folk to newrock were The Folk Crusaders which I gave some attention too. Mostly in this radioshow I will present the most original tracks from mostly avarage and only a handful of excellent albums. The chosen tracks will show creativity, emotionality and honest inspiration. Only perfect tracks on all levels will be chosen.

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