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P-Vine Rec.  V.A. : URC : best selection (JAP,197s,iss.1996)**°°

Tr.4, Kenji Endo 13 min -43


Listed on this CD are : 1.Happy End 2.Kanenobu Sachiko 3.Hayakawa Yoshio 4.Endo Kenji

5.Takada Wataru 6.Itsutsu No Aki Husen 7.Kagawa Ryo 8.Saito Tetsuo 9.Takaishi Tomoya

10.Mikami Kan 11.Shiba 12.Dylan Ll 13.Tomobe Masato 14.Nagira Kenichi15.Happy Endo


Track 4 has good trippy acoustic guitar on this song, which near the end begin to sound more and more hypnotic like a kind of primitive flamenco-raga.


P-Vine Rec.  V.A. : URC : live selection (JAP,197s,iss.1996)°


Listed on this CD are : 1.Folk Campers 2.Takaishi Tomoya 3.-4.Takada Wataru 5.Nakagawa Goro 6.Dylan Ll

7.Mikami Kan 8.Takaishi Tomoya & Jacks 9.Jacks 10.Endo Kenji 11.Endo Kenji & Happy End

12.Happy End 13.Itsutsu No Akai Husen 15.Kanenobu Sachiko


Mostly rather primitive and simple live recordings of songs accompanied by acoustic guitar. A few are in Dylan imitating style. I'm not so overwelmed. Forgetable.


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