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P-Vine Rec.  V.A. : Columbia singles (JAP,197s)*°°°'

Tr.3, Flower Travellin'Band 4 min 

Tr.4, Yamauchi Tetsu 4 min 8 -69


Listed here are : 1.Blues Creation 2.-3.Flower Travelin' Band 4.Yamauchi Tetsu 5.April Fool

6-7.Mizutani Kimio & Better 8.Cosmos Factory 9.Far East Family Band 10.Narita Ken

11-12.Segawa Hiroshi 13.Ishima Hideki 14.Yoshikawa Chuei 15.Bread & Butter 16.Chiaki Naomi


A more interesting psych/rock compilation, perhaps also label, with Blues Creation, Flower Travellin'Band, Yamauchi Tetsu, April Fool, Far East Family Band, Bread & Butter, Chiaki Naomi,Mizutani Kimio & Ishima Hideki, Yoshikawa Chuei, Cosmos Factory, Narita Ken, Segawa Hiroshi. Some tracks are really excellent, especially the early tracks on the compilation. The chosen tracks still fit somewhat within the concept. First track by Flower Travellin' Band is with sitar.


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