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Already when I was investigating the old music of Korea, it became clear I had to compare honestly the music from both countries. During the Japanese occupation of Korea, Japanese people claim Korean were regarded as other Japanese people. Perhaps it was very much so, from their point of view and direct understanding and with their own specific heritage of sensitivity. Anyhow, to understand this better, it is a very good starting point to check this out by comparing the results with the music recorded in Japan and Korea, because the Koreans today claim they were discriminated against. For what concerns local music to be performed it seems there was certain limit to what was allowed, but concerning popular music I still hear several similarities in both countries. It still seems to consist of a fair and comparable amount and range that can be heard in both countries. Only it was so that like with all traditions abroad (like Irish music played in other countries) again partially the Japanese elements themselves might be a bit more limited regarding their direct interpretation. What I noticed also despite this fact is the still undeniable talent of the Korean singers that were involved, and that it was especially in its early years, the Japanese singers at times still came out a bit more often with a few limitations in their singing styles and voices. The Korean approach of the orchestra in general also seemed to be a bit warmer in sound, and there can be noticed a more classical music approach for the Japanese. 


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