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Toshiba EMIV.A. : Kyoto Folk Camp 1968 (JAP,1968)*°


All listed tracks are simple acid folk acoustic, I think all recorded on a live stage, in singer-songwriter folk style. Not many tracks stand out much (I do not understand the Japanese, so the songs themselves can't make it for me).


Toshiba EMIV.A. : Kyoto Folk Camp 1969 (JAP,1969)*°°


On the folowing years' folk camp there are more persons joining in with the singing along and playing along, which is often a bit more fun (for the public and for the listener). There's also some banjo folk and bluesfolk.


Toshiba EMIV.A. : Another side of Nakatsugawa'69 (Folk Jamboree) (JAP,1969)*°


Like the Folk camp series also this series sounds like folk song jams or almost like free podiums, with several covers too. The public participates sometimes with enthusiasm. I had expected more originality here, but most of the recordings are really neglectible. Tr.11 is a nice acoustic song, but a bit long and simple for the rather lo fi recording conditions.


Toshiba EMIV.A. : Another side of Nakatsugawa'70 (Folk Jamboree) -2CD- (JAP,1970)*°

* CD2,Tr.4, Rokumonsen : "hieoroshi" 4 min -4


This recording has a less direct free podium feeling, and a few additional arrangements make already a difference on this recording. I like track 8 from CD1 best, but it still wasn't special enough for inclusion. CD2 is a better recorded album with songs, sung with more emotions too. There are also electric tracks, which are more progressive, like the last track, 9.


Toshiba EMI   V.A. : Another side of Nakatsugawa'71 vol.1 (Folk Jamboree) -2CD- (JAP,1971)*°


More folk singer-songwriter songs, and more electric songs here, this time also a few with a female singer.


Toshiba EMI   V.A. : Another side of Nakatsugawa'71 vol.2 (Folk Jamboree) -2CD- (JAP,1971)*°'

CD1, (Tr.7, 3 min, Garo : "tanpopo" (024->..) 3 min) 

(Tr.9, Hasegawa Kiyoshi : "kuro no hunauta" 5 min)

       (CD2,Tr.9, Kan Min Mikami: "okappaatama no shojo no mensu ga akai" 5 min)


On this recording on CD 1, it sounds now and then other bands play a bit further. It's not too well recorded. Has ok tracks. There's more Apalachian influence. I like the singing best on the 7th track, with a Donovan-like vibration in the voice. Also the 9th track has strong emotions and nice voice. CD2 is an amalgam of styles. It suddenly has three tracks of electric guitar driven rock and bluesrock, well played but not too interesting. Track 4 is blues. Track 6 and 9 are more emotionally sung on acoustic guitar.  The track ends in complete chaos on stage (police?).

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