Kenji Endo

June 25, 2016


From Radio show. part 1 -Official Albums- :


URC  Kenji Endo : Niyago (JAP,1970)**°°'

Airplay given: Tr.2, ほんとだよ 4 min


First album is a combination of new rock with more acoustic tracks. This is my favourite, rather romantic ?  track and a specific song which I like a lot ;  it has some violin and beautiful acoustic guitar arrangements. 


Polydor  Kenji Endo : Manzoku Dekirukana (JAP,1971)*°°°'

Tr.2, カレーライス 3 min


Second album, with more acoustic songs. It sounds like there are more original acoustic songs on this one, not always as easy to grab in its completeness without understanding Japanese. This song also is incredible. As simple as it is it is powerfully emotional


Polydor  Kenji Endo : Nageki Nu Ukulele (JAP,1972)*°°

(Tr.8, 歓喜(よろこび)の歌 4 min) 


A few tracks are played on ukelele. Most tracks are completely acoustic. The music has something esoteric for understanding it well from outside Japan. Last track is an interpretation from the known melody by Beethoven ?, first in a folk version, then in an "operatic" version with choir and orchestra, sung with almost funny high voice.



Part 2: Live albums :


Toshiba-EMI    Kenji Endo : Reimeiki live! (JAP,1968-1971)**°

(Tr.6, 11 min) 


On this track Kenji plays a flamenco-raga like style. I had to leave out the track.


Polypro  Kenji Endo : Kanki No Uta live 1973-4-30 (JAP,1973)*°


This is a calm folk album acompanied by acoustic guitar and here and there a few other instruments like piano..


?  Kenji Endo : Enken No Yojohan Rock (30th Aniv.) (1999)**

(Tr.1, ねえ踊ろうよ 3 min) 


Bluesy folk songs with guitar and harmonica, sometimes calm and sometimes more driven. Somehow these versions sound more mature than in 1973, even when the songs are simple and musically not too original. Still, for not understanding the texts the music just sightly does not speak for itself enough for me.


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