June 25, 2016

I was very curious to hear the popular music of Japan from the 30s to have a good idea what was made there to compare also with the recorded music of the 30s in Korea, simply because something does not feel right in the complaints from the Koreans that they were only p...

June 25, 2016

EMI    The Folk Crusaders : Kigen Nisennen (JAP,1968)***°'

(Tr.2, "Kaettekita Yopparai" 4 min) 

(Tr.4, "Dracula.." 3 min, Tr.6, "Oble.." 3 min)

(Tr.11, "Kobu no Nai Naku Na" 4 min, Tr.12, 4 min) 

The group adapted on the first two tracks old folk, with some humou...

June 25, 2016

Express     Kazuhiko Kato : Come to my bedside...(1969,re.1999)**°°

Tr.7, 9月はほうき星が流れる時 11 min 

Solo artist from Folk Crusaders. This is varied folkpop with some "hippie"-free mind touches. This chosen Japanese-sounding song is arranged with a complete orch...

June 25, 2016

From Radio show. part 1 -Official Albums- :

URC  Kenji Endo : Niyago (JAP,1970)**°°'

Airplay given: Tr.2, ほんとだよ 4 min

First album is a combination of new rock with more acoustic tracks. This is my favourite, rather romantic ?  track and a specific song which I like a...

June 25, 2016

Himico Rec.   Osamu Okuno : (JAP,1970)**°'

Airplay given: Tr.5, 5 min

Good but not overall surprising folkpsych/rock/acid folk s/sw item, with a certain emotionality in vocals. I like the 5th track for its strange psychfolk instrumentation and accompaniment

June 25, 2016

?  Masato Minami : The Tropics (JAP,1971)*°°°'

(Tr.8, 7 min, Tr.9, 8 min) 

Airplay given: Tr.13, 5 min

Good rock album, with first part in a more American style.  It is especially the second part of the album which is much more original, with inspired singing, and with mo...

June 25, 2016

Toshiba-EMI  Kyoji Nozawa : Hakuchumu / Hakutyumu (daydream) (JAP,1972)**°°'

(potential airplay: Tr.1, 3 min) 

airplay given: Tr.3, 3 min 

(Tr.5, 2 min, Tr.8, 4 min) 

Tr.9, 7 min 9

An orginal and fine folk-s/sw album with many inspired, delicate songs and inspirations....

June 25, 2016

Kitty Rec./URC     Yoshio Hayakawa : 

Kakkoiikoto Wa Nante Kakkowaruindarou (JAP,1968)***°

(potential airplay: Tr.2, 4 min, Tr.4, 3 min, Tr.9, 3 min)

Airplay given: Tr.11, 5 min

Emotional and somewhat sad-melancholic songs with simple piano, and some percussion,...

June 25, 2016

T..  Yasumi No Koni : Fy Fan (JAP,1972)*°'

(tr.2, 3 min)

A minor highlight is this small  psych-folk instrumental with nice flute, simple percussion, acoustic guitar. The album is psychpop/rock. I asume this album will mean more to people who understand Japanese.