June 25, 2016

From Radio show. part 1 -Official Albums- :

URC  Kenji Endo : Niyago (JAP,1970)**°°'

Airplay given: Tr.2, ほんとだよ 4 min

First album is a combination of new rock with more acoustic tracks. This is my favourite, rather romantic ?  track and a specific song which I like a...

June 25, 2016

Himico Rec.   Osamu Okuno : (JAP,1970)**°'

Airplay given: Tr.5, 5 min

Good but not overall surprising folkpsych/rock/acid folk s/sw item, with a certain emotionality in vocals. I like the 5th track for its strange psychfolk instrumentation and accompaniment

June 25, 2016

?  Masato Minami : The Tropics (JAP,1971)*°°°'

(Tr.8, 7 min, Tr.9, 8 min) 

Airplay given: Tr.13, 5 min

Good rock album, with first part in a more American style.  It is especially the second part of the album which is much more original, with inspired singing, and with mo...

June 25, 2016

Toshiba-EMI  Kyoji Nozawa : Hakuchumu / Hakutyumu (daydream) (JAP,1972)**°°'

(potential airplay: Tr.1, 3 min) 

airplay given: Tr.3, 3 min 

(Tr.5, 2 min, Tr.8, 4 min) 

Tr.9, 7 min 9

An orginal and fine folk-s/sw album with many inspired, delicate songs and inspirations....

June 25, 2016

Kitty Rec./URC     Yoshio Hayakawa : 

Kakkoiikoto Wa Nante Kakkowaruindarou (JAP,1968)***°

(potential airplay: Tr.2, 4 min, Tr.4, 3 min, Tr.9, 3 min)

Airplay given: Tr.11, 5 min

Emotional and somewhat sad-melancholic songs with simple piano, and some percussion,...

June 25, 2016

T..  Yasumi No Koni : Fy Fan (JAP,1972)*°'

(tr.2, 3 min)

A minor highlight is this small  psych-folk instrumental with nice flute, simple percussion, acoustic guitar. The album is psychpop/rock. I asume this album will mean more to people who understand Japanese.

June 25, 2016

P-Vine Rec.  Itsutsu No Akai Husen : in concert (JAP,1970)°°°''

Airplay given to: tr.11, 7 min

Mostly very mellow folk with mostly terrible but also with a few more charming moments, especially when the female voice participates. This chosen track with flute and harmony...

June 25, 2016

?          Kanenobu Sachiko : Misora (The Sky) (JAP,1972)***°'

Tr.1, 5 min 5 -81

(Tr.3, 4 min, Tr.5, 3 min, Tr.10, 9 min) 

Source : "A classical masterpiece by a Japanese female singer & songwriter. The debut album with total partic...

June 25, 2016

Tartan  Keisuke Kinoshita : Narayama bushikô /

The Ballad of Narayama -DVD- (JAP,1958)*****

Just like Im Kwon-taek in South-Korea has succeeded to make a very good movie out of folk opera stories with the movies “Chunhyuang” and “Soponye”, from a much earlier date,...

June 25, 2016

Bel Air Classiques  Don Kent & Christian Dumais-Lvowski : Kodo: 

The Heartbeat of the Drum - DVD- (JAP,2014)****

Because the Kodo group came to Belgium already a few times, people more or less know what to expect: a spectacle of movement and rhythm on ultra-huge and...

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